How can we help you?

The international material data system (IMDS) has established itself among automobile manufacturers and suppliers as the medium for accessing and delivering material data. When implementing IMDS we will support you with the following services:

Process integration and data structure analysis

Efficient IMDS execution requires a processing environment that supports material data research for suppliers. We work with them to develop your company-specific implementation strategy, including resources planning.

IMDS data processing

With the goal of removing the burden from your qualified staff, and thereby maximizing their output, we consult and support you in creating and entering data as well as with checking and dispatching material data sheets (MDS).

IMDS workshop

Tailored to meet your company's specific needs, we will train you in both the technical and operational aspects of IMDS.

Complete responsibility for your IMDS activities

We quickly and cost-effectively assume responsibility for all of your IMDS activities. Thanks to a history of more than 400 projects per year, we are in a superb position to securely and competently integrate your material data into the IMDS system.

The benefit to you

  • Continuous, secure IMDS processes
  • Cost-effective implementation of IMDS requests
  • Support during peak processing times
  • No resources required during slow inquiry times
  • No bottlenecks during holidays or in case of illness


IMDS Screenshot