Requirements in IMDS

All of the basic materials used in building automobiles are entered, archived and managed using this system. The primary purpose of the IMDS is to make it possible for manufacturers and suppliers to fulfill the obligations set forth in domestic and international norms, standards, laws and regulations. IMDS data is submitted to customers as part of the initial sample test report. If the delivery of IMDS data is not on time, it is evaluated as an error in the product and in most cases leads to a rejection of the initial sample test report.

Legal specifications and customer requirements

Material data documentation is a requirement regulated by international and domestic law. The specifications are also accompanied by customer norms and product requirements. Additional specifications that limit the use of materials include the REACH ordinance and, in after sales, the RoHS guidelines.

The Global Automotive Declarable Substance List – GADSL

Substances in IMDS are classified according to the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL). The GADSL is a collection of materials that are prohibited and that require declaration in the automobile manufacturing process.


CoChecker: Displays global material compliance – any time

Not all regulations are covered by IMDS. However, IMDS data provides an excellent foundation for checking higher-ranking material compliance using the compliance software CoChecker.


IMDS Screenshot